Motivation for all the Marketers to think differently

Meet the job seeker who has been impersonating a Postmates delivery guy to get his 'résumé' to major tech companies

To get a job somewhere as highly competitive as Silicon Valley, some will tell you you have to think outside the box.

But one intrepid marketer is taking a different tack, demonstrating that sometimes thinking inside the box is your best bet.

Since moving to San Francisco about a month ago from Lithuania, Lukas Yla has been showcasing his creativity and guile by infiltrating some of the biggest Bay Area tech and advertising companies dressed as a Postmates delivery guy and delivering boxes of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse doughnuts with a pitch: give him a job.

Inside each doughnut box he includes the message, "Most resumes end up in trash – mine in your belly," as well as a short pitch and a URL that takes you to his LinkedIn profile.

Each delivery is addressed to a marketing VP, CMO, or CEO of a company he wants to work for. Occasionally he gets a few minutes on the spot with an executive, but usually he leaves his delivery at the reception desk.

"As a marketing professional with more than five years of experience, I knew that to stand out from the crowd and grab attention I had to make a bold move," Said Yla.

While his campaign might simply look like a stunt, Yla says it's proof of his abilities as a marketer.

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